An announcement–
I am so happy that, thus far, all discussions on this page have been civil and respectful. I am tremendously grateful for this. What I am about to say has nothing to do with anyone here so far, but is just a precautionary measure after things that I see on other pages, fellow blogs, and online groups/forums.
I try to avoid posting anything controversial in order to avoid overly heated discussion. The definition of “controversial” differs from person to person, however, so I understand that what might not be sensitive for me may be for someone else.
Debate here (respectful) is not only welcomed, but encouraged. However, since this is my page and blog, and ultimately, my business, I retain the right to remove blatantly hateful, aggressive, or antagonistic comments or remarks, and will not tolerate anything of the sort on my pages. Again, so far, this has NOT happened here, and I love you all for that, but it does happen elsewhere, so I have to be on guard.
If a member/follower is blatantly hateful or aggressive toward another member/follower or myself, I will remove the comments and the writer of them, as well. If I feel that something might have been innocent in nature or taken out of context, I will discuss it with you privately so both parties involved are comfortable here. I want this to be a SAFE place for discussion and learning, and honestly, a place everyone can enjoy. I do reserve the right to remove anything or anyone that can cause harm.
Show love, do good, and thank you all for playing nicely so far. You’re worlds above the rest of the online world in my book. Keep it up! 🙂

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