A Month of Gratitude, #14-16

Today, I am grateful for many things.

14) I am grateful for unexpected kindness. Our local toy store is closing after 11 years of business. I seriously love small, hometown, toy stores. They always sell the most classic, durable toys, and often, a lot of them are also eco-friendly and responsibly manufactured, too–much better than you find at Target and Walmart. The owner was offering and giving small freebies or additional discounts to us, just “because I can,” as she put it. I hope to some day be self-sufficient and out of debt so I can enjoy the same abilities when I am older. It made my day.

15) I am grateful for my husband. I know that I said I would avoid the traditional gratitude posts, but to be honest, with my moods as wild as they have been lately, and for his ability to take poopy diapers and temper tantrums from the kids in stride, he deserves total recognition and praise. He puts up with a lot out of us.

16) I am thankful for the random warm days that Eastern autumns and winters provide for us once in a while. Being able to go out and enjoy a day with one of my closest friends was much appreciated, and even more so with there being a slightly warm lilt to the air.

CSA Share, Week #4

I braved the wind and the rain to make it down to the Farmer’s Market again this week. I have a goal this season to make it once a week to one of the local markets while they are operating. The severe thunderstorms ceased for just long enough to make it to market.


In this week’s CSA share, we have cabbage, onions, sugar snap peas, garlic, free range chicken eggs, cauliflower, salad greens, mint, and homemade strawberry cream cheese. Anyone have any good recipes for cauliflower?

I did not snag anything else at the market, as it is cheaper to pick my own strawberries at a local farm, and the asparagus is now, sadly, out of season.

Being Prepared for the Storm

My fellow mid-Atlantic peeps will remember last summer’s derecho–a very powerful wind/thunder storm–that did a lot of physical damage on the ground in our region. In my own area, for example, our neighbor’s trampoline became “unstaked” from the ground, was picked up by the wind, sent down the hill over our car, and into the yard across the street. In addition to the fact that the neighbor initially said, “Well, how do you know it is OUR trampoline?” (um, we have eyesight?), we had almost two thousand dollars worth of damage to the roof and door of our vehicle.


Sometimes, you simply cannot be prepared. The neighbors, in their defense, had the trampoline staked into the ground with these massive metal stakes that ultimately damaged the paint on our car. Normally, even a severe thunderstorm wouldn’t uproot a trampoline that size and with those precautions.

But, there are things we can do ahead of time. I consider myself a fledgling “prepper”–we’re not talking Doomsday Preppers here–but I am referring to doing what we can ahead of the storm. We had insurance that covered the damage to our car at 100% without invoking the neighbors’ policy. We can move things like grills and trash cans inside ahead of a predicted storm, when possible. We can find ways to keep heat and food in our homes during emergencies–maybe by having three days’ supply of goods, or a generator. We can buy inexpensive weather radios to be able to listen for updates from emergency management agencies. There are small, cheap things we all can do to not necessarily avoid an emergency, but to minimize its effects.

Meteorologists are calling for another potential derecho today, in fact, and I urge all of you (not just in the line of fire) to think about what you and your family can do to make things easier on yourselves in the event of a minor emergency. if you are in the region of the projected storm, do what you can NOW. The little steps can save you some big hassles in the long run.




Stay safe, today!