Our Anniversary/Christmas/Birthday Trip to New York City

Pics from our first trip to the Big Apple. This was the first time for both my husband and me, and it was a combined wedding anniversary/Christmas/my birthday gift. The snow and ice were miserable, we were exhausted and sore from walking 61+ blocks in one day, and our bus ride home was through a snowstorm–but I’d do it all again in a heartbeat! I might be a country girl at heart, but every now and again, I need the rush of new experiences and the big city.












Finding Beauty in the Little Things: Woodside Motor Inn and Small Town Maryland

When money is tight, you have to find fun and beauty in either free or inexpensive things. In addition to getting a 100% free quart of paint for my front door (thank you, Ace!), we took the cameras out to find some pictures.

I had been wanting to take some pictures of a dilapidated, abandoned hotel on the outskirts of town. For some reason, I find beauty in the broken and decrepit, in the creepier things we see every day. This might fuel my love of “dead” shopping malls, too. These old, unwanted buildings have stories behind them, a history, and when you can’t find them out, they invite you to create your own because they spark your imagination. Wonderful, isn’t it?








We also ventured about ten miles away to take some pictures of Frostburg, MD, quintessential small town America. I couldn’t have asked for more out of the beautiful sunlight.








Trail Inn B&B and Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

My husband and I won a one night stay in a Queen Room at Trail Inn Bed and Breakfast in Frostburg, MD. We won the prize at the Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013 back in April, and I was waiting for just the right time to redeem it.


Our room…I’m in LOVE with the bed frame. Seriously. I want it. On their website (http://www.trailinnatfrostburg.com), in one of the other rooms, they have bunk beds that look like this, too. I am smitten. The room was very clean, and I loved the rustic, country decor. They had cable television in the room as well, which was nice, since hubby and I canceled ours almost a year ago. The only suggestion I have would be the option to rent a mini fridge, if needed, as we had leftovers and dessert we wanted to keep and couldn’t. However, it is only a suggestion, as the stay was indeed free. 🙂 One of the things I loved the most was how quiet it is…we didn’t hear any of the neighbors near us, and for being near a city, the surroundings were quiet and peaceful. That was what I loved the most–feeling miles away without having to be. I had a wonderful stay!DSC_0455

The inn is across from the Frostburg depot of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad…isn’t it charming?


The front of the inn. They also have a restaurant/cafe, a campground, and a variety of rooms that can accommodate groups as well.



The inn is also situated along the Great Allegheny Passage, a very scenic bike trail through the Allegheny Mountains and Laurel Highlands that goes from Cumberland, MD to Pittsburgh, PA.

The day after our stay, my husband and I went on an excursion from Cumberland to Frostburg on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, which is pulled by a steam engine built in 1916. It was my fourth time on the train, and my husband’s second. The ride is special to me, as I went on it once with my grandfather, who passed on recently, and had a passion for railroading. During our layover in Frostburg, we were even asked up into the steam locomotive. I was so excited. I felt like a kid again!

The main station in Cumberland, MD.


Prepping the locomotive.


I love this machine.


Helmstetter’s Curve.


At the depot in Frostburg.


On the turntable.


Inside the locomotive.


Getting ready to return home!DSC_0226