A Month of Gratitude, #29-30

I cannot believe that the month of November is nearly over already. I feel like I just started this goal of 30 gratitude postings only a couple days ago. On the one hand, you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief that they are over, and I’m a bit happy to go back to more normal postings, as well. But, this was a worthy goal, as it forced me, even during some rather crabby times, to reflect upon my blessings.

So……to finish out the month–

29) I am grateful that my little family does not cater to Black Friday, as we ended up having a wonderful time together relaxing as a family.

30) I am also grateful that we DO support Small Business Saturday. We were able to send our well-wishes to our local toy store (who is closing their doors after 11 years), who also supplied us with $35+ dollars of merchandise for $7.91, and we also went to our favorite, local, European inspired cafe for some dessert. Yum!




A Month of Gratitude, #27-28

Today I am grateful for:

27) The fact that I am able to spend the day cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, feast even, for my family, in a safe, warm house. There are others in the world who are nowhere near as blessed, and I know that I can never, ever comprehend what others must go through in different places and cultures. There is violence and bloodshed, malnutrition, horrific natural disasters, so many who are homeless–and I am in a cozy little country home making my family more food than we’ll likely eat in three days. It’s a humbling thought.

28) I am also grateful for my parents. I miss being with them on Thanksgiving, but it was nice to be able to spend an hour on the phone with them today. I just wish they were able to be with us, but we are indeed thinking of them today.

A Month of Gratitude, #24-26

Today, I am grateful for:

24) A forgotten rainy-day fund that literally had JUST enough money for us to replace our washer that randomly died this week.

25) The fact that we happened to find an EXCELLENT deal on a replacement washer that was 50% off, and under $300, yet is the nicest washer we have ever had–AND it cleans cloth diapers well! (An added bonus!)

26) That the ice/snow storm that is currently impacting the Mid-Atlantic held off long enough for me to safely run necessary errands and that my husband arrived home from work safely.

A Month of Gratitude, #20-22

I am feeling grateful for many things this evening, so I am looking forward to writing this entry. Lately, it has been a bit of a chore to sit down and ponder what I am thankful for because, well, I suppose we all have our mopey, gray months, and November is one of mine, due to the weather change, the stress of the impending holidays, etc. However, I think it’s times like these when it is the most necessary to count our blessings because it helps to save us from drowning in our own self-pity and miseries.
So, tonight, I am grateful for:
20) The willingness of others to serve and assist me when I am in need of help. Whether it is my mother in law who constantly helps me with my children when I am overwhelmed or need a break, or my husband carrying in load upon load of groceries from the van to the house in the freezing rain without complaint, or our housekeeper who keeps her rates low and always does more than we ask of her–I am grateful for their generosity.
21) The clearance shelves in our grocery store’s organic/natural foods department. I am able to stockpile organic canned goods, healthy cereals and snacks, natural cleaners, and many other things we otherwise couldn’t afford, thanks to this little known area of my grocery store. It is important to me to try to feed my family higher quality foods, so I am grateful when, for example, I can find organic canned baked beans for 70 cents a can (and which now reside in my food storage).
22) The artwork my son brings home for me every day from Kindergarten. They provide warmth for my soul, and color to my refrigerator’s door. 🙂

A Month of Gratitude, #17-19

I am grateful today for:

17) The fact that I have never had to wonder whether or not I would be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. I have experienced financially rough times in my life, some that essentially cripple me with stress, but I have always known that I would have the ability to cook or enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. Going without that, on my favorite holiday, is something I cannot comprehend.

18) Modern medicine. As the weather gets colder, I tend to be prone to all sorts of respiratory bugs, and I am so thankful that we live in an age where we have medicines and treatments for many of the illnesses we suffer from. Earlier this year, my baby girl was hospitalized with pneumonia and influenza, and it was frightening enough to see her suffering so badly, but it was even more sobering when I realized that, had she simply been born in a different era, she could have died from these so-called commonplace illnesses.

19) Sunshine. Especially at this time of year, a peek of the sun through the clouds is one of the most calming things I can even think of–it’s a natural antidepressant, and I am so thankful for the days where I get to be out to enjoy being in the sunlight.

A Month of Gratitude, #14-16

Today, I am grateful for many things.

14) I am grateful for unexpected kindness. Our local toy store is closing after 11 years of business. I seriously love small, hometown, toy stores. They always sell the most classic, durable toys, and often, a lot of them are also eco-friendly and responsibly manufactured, too–much better than you find at Target and Walmart. The owner was offering and giving small freebies or additional discounts to us, just “because I can,” as she put it. I hope to some day be self-sufficient and out of debt so I can enjoy the same abilities when I am older. It made my day.

15) I am grateful for my husband. I know that I said I would avoid the traditional gratitude posts, but to be honest, with my moods as wild as they have been lately, and for his ability to take poopy diapers and temper tantrums from the kids in stride, he deserves total recognition and praise. He puts up with a lot out of us.

16) I am thankful for the random warm days that Eastern autumns and winters provide for us once in a while. Being able to go out and enjoy a day with one of my closest friends was much appreciated, and even more so with there being a slightly warm lilt to the air.