Tweedle Bugs One Size Pocket Diaper and One Size Diaper Cover Reviews

I was given the opportunity to review two products for the cloth diapering company, Tweedle Bugs. Our family uses Tweedle Bugs disposable diaper liners every single day, so when I discovered they carried actual diapers and covers, I couldn’t wait to try them.

Let’s start with the diaper cover first:


Isn’t this a gorgeous color? Tweedle Bugs has several pleasing color options to choose from, and you can choose between snaps and hook and loop closures–whatever you prefer to use on your child.


This is the cover fully extended before use. The cover can accommodate babies and toddlers between 12-40 lbs. The cover is made from a waterproof laminate between two layers of polyester knit fabric. The cover has four rise adjustments.


We used an OsoCozy fitted underneath the cover. This was also our first time using a fitted diaper, as 99% of our stash consists of pocket diapers. I felt like the diaper cover was cute on my daughter–my five year old commented, “Mom, that’s a cute and green cloth diaper.” 🙂 I’m not sure if it is because we are not used to using fitted diapers or not, but I felt like the cover was a bit bulky on my two year old, almost 30 pound toddler.


However, I will admit, it surpassed the leak tests. My kiddo is a VERY heavy wetter, and she also pooped while wearing the diaper and cover, and there wasn’t a hit of a leak or a blowout in any way. She is also quite the mover and shaker, and the combo of the cover with the fitted kept up with her climbing and dancing. So, would I consider using more? I honestly think I would. It will take some getting used to since we’re a pocket diaper family (and new to all of cloth at that), but if it can keep up with my wild little gal, I’ll take it. 🙂

Now, onto the pocket diaper:


I looooove this color–seaspray.


Fully extended.


The diaper has two openings for easy stuffing of inserts. On other reviews, I have heard parents who stated that the large, double openings were problems when it came to leaking, but we did not have that issue in our tests.


Each diapers comes with two microfiber/terry inserts, a large and a small.


I was SO impressed by the fit on these diapers. My little girl is off of the charts (literally) when it comes to height, and she is in the 75th percentile for weight, yet….because she is tall, she is still thin, so finding a diaper that fits her well can be difficult. We sometimes have this weird leak where she leaks at the top and front of the diaper because it gaps at the waist. We don’t have the problem with these diapers AT ALL. Even my husband, who is NOT into cloth diapering, commented on how well they fit our daughter.


DSC_0275DSC_0273We took this diaper on the “nap test” which is our biggest test run, as she won’t sleep in ANY cloth at night–literally, she WILL NOT SLEEP.  She didn’t have ANY “over the top” leakage, no blowouts, and the diaper was still holding strong without feeling loaded after two hours. It is nowhere near as bulky as our favorite pocket diaper brand, and yet, even though the inserts seemed thinner, they still held up to the challenge.

Now, where to find Tweedle Bugs?

You can find their diaper covers (and the disposable liners) at Kebbie’s Diaper Bag:

If you want to buy direct from Tweedle Bugs, you can find them at

In addition, Tweedle Bugs is offering the following goodies and promos on THEIR website:

Save 10% coupon code “gooddeal”  which expires 12/30/13

Free diaper bag with $50 purchase “tweedle50”  (expires 9/30/13)

NOTE: I bought the pocket diaper on my own, but the diaper cover was provided for me as compensation for my review. However, I will ALWAYS give my honest opinion on ANY review because my integrity is important to me–you’ll know whether I really love a product or not, no matter what.

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