My blog is essentially my business, as a busy mom. In order to derive income from this blog (including Pinterest and Facebook pages), I reserve the right to utilize sponsors for posts (i.e. product reviews), to add advertisers/banner ads/sponsors within any post, and please be forewarned that there might be affiliate links within posts. I will do what I can do disclose these, but I am human, so I might forget or omit this in haste. That is why this disclaimer exists. 🙂 If you choose to click a link, and it directs you to Amazon or another company, be advised that I might receive a small fee or commission for the product. I will not, however, share any ad or sponsor or affiliate with you that I don’t believe in myself.


  1. I know what you’re feeling. The paralyzing fear will pass. Hopefully employment is right around the corner because it CAN happen that way. We are at the 3 month mark and it’s hard but we’re okay. You will be too. God bless.

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