I’m a 30-something wife and mother, hoping to accomplish a more self-reliant lifestyle. Here you will find recipes, stories of struggles and goals accomplished, how-to guides on traditional arts, tips to help you develop a more sustainable lifestyle, and ways to book me for both tutoring and proofreading (language arts) and also for classes on bulk buying/stockpiling, food storage, and bargain hunting.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Let me get through the weekend, and I’ll tackle the questions/rules for the award nomination (thank you, btw). It’s my son’s last week of pre-K and all of the accompanying festivities. Busy, busy!

  2. Laura, there’s no rush for you to reply. I got 9 of 11 blogs to link to the nomination. Yours is one of the two that didn’t. When you have a chance, please go to my blog, read “Liebster Award Nomination for Living the Spoonie Life”. You’ll see the rules, etc. there and accept or decline at your leisure. I just want you to know I think you deserve recognition and I’ll bet a lot would be interested in your blog.

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