A Different Direction

This blog was meant to be about a path. My path.

I had all of these good intentions.

In the beginning, my main objective was to write about my family’s experiences as we worked toward a simpler life–I was going to learn to make do, go without, create from scratch, clawing our way out of debt throughout. I thought that, by sharing our struggles, our dreams, our hopes, that somewhere in the process, we might help someone else with the same goals and desires. And if we learned something along the way that we could share, well then, that would be great, too.

I daydreamed of classes, presentations–I wanted to share myself with those around me. I planned series centered around CSAs, farmers’ markets, natural remedies, recipes, getting out of debt, emergency preparedness–you name it.

I wanted to document the good, the bad, the ugly–the everyday things we go through as spouses, lovers, parents, productive members of a community.

But, like many paths, directions don’t always go as planned, and the trail veers suddenly.

I didn’t expect to find our family reeling from a job lay off (my husband’s), let alone months later still collecting unemployment, mucking through job interviews, phone calls, dealings with recruiters.

I didn’t plan on losing my way spiritually and desperately trying to figure out who I am and what I truly believe in as a thirtysomething wife and mother–shouldn’t I have figured out these things years ago?

I decided to stray from my career path of many years (teaching), and now find myself in a reasonably new job that I love dearly, but that takes up a different schedule and requires a new daily routine.

And as a result of so many new changes in our lives, I find that this blog will too take a different direction. It will still be about our journey toward simplicity and happiness, but it’s going to be less formal for a while–I’m not taking on any challenges, any scheduled postings, and I’m relieving myself of my blogging commitments for a time. That means that I’ll talk about our CSA, or the farmer’s market, or post recipes if I choose, but not because of some schedule I’ve set for myself. This blog needs to refocus on our journey and needs to be more of a therapeutic release for me instead of some “business” I’m trying to promote.

Sometimes, when you lose your way, you have to fight to find your way back. And isn’t the journey what this blog was supposed to be about all along?1376428_10101757308836059_1488033380_n




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