CSA Share for June 25th, Plus Farmer’s Market Challenge–Weeks #3 and #4, and a Recipe for Au Gratin Potatoes

Hello again, friends!

This week’s CSA share consisted of shiitake mushrooms (a pint), a pint of broccoli, a bag of salad greens, a quart of peas, a pound of farm fresh bacon, and a bag of peanut butter granola. Many of the items are similar to last week because I didn’t use those quickly enough and many spoiled. 😦 (However, I’ve made up for this and have consumed most of the items we brought home this week; hence, I am lacking photographs.) 🙂

In addition, for Week #3 of our Farmer’s Market Challenge, I spent $2.50 on a quart of peas (out of a $15 budget), and I didn’t use those soon enough either, so they went to waste. I am wondering if there is something in our refrigerator’s produce drawers that is hastening the decline of our other veggies (supposedly, some vegetables don’t play well with others in storage), as things spoiled sooner than usual.

For Week #4, since much went to waste last week, I spent $3.00 (of $15) on new potatoes, and those I have used. We made au gratin potatoes with them, as well as adding ham to the recipe (ham from a previous week’s CSA share…was stored in our freezer).

Here is a link to the recipe…we added diced ham to ours: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/creamy-au-gratin-potatoes/

The taters….


Slicing them for use….



The ingredients…


Mixed in the bowl….





Finished product…verdict? Yummy.




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