Our Latest CSA Pickup; Plus, Some Pros and Cons of a Co-Op/Buying Club

Last Wednesday, a friend and I went to the farm to choose more offerings from the CSA table (I’m really growing fond of a points-based system over a weekly share–I get exactly what I want, AND there’s little waste). I went in with the knowledge that I wanted to focus on meat choices rather than veggies, since our family is also supporting other local farms and markets through our $15/week direct purchase budget (which might be better options to serve our vegetable and fruit needs). (More on the $15/week challenge in a future post.) I left the farm with two whole chickens, two beef steaks, and two pounds of ground pork. Yum!

I’ve also been making purchases with our local organic co-op/buying club. I haven’t been doing the best job at documenting them due to the stress of the recent job loss in our family (my husband), and my starting a new job within the last couple months. Here’s one of the purchases…20 pounds of organic sweet potatoes for $15. That was a great buy! ($2.60 for organic cream cheese didn’t seem so great to me, though, as an example of a “meh” purchase.)


I’m not sure, though, honestly, if I will continue in the co-op/buying club through the local volunteer group. See, we had placed an order for organic, grass-fed beef for $4.25 a pound, which I felt was a great price point. I waited, and waited, and went into town for two different pick-ups that never happened. My order was in for weeks, and finally, after a growing level of frustration with the procrastinating farmer, I opted out of the order. As of now, the order STILL hasn’t come to fruition for those who are opting to continue in wait for their meat order. That is one of the biggest drawbacks for me with the co-op/buying club. Deliveries and pick-ups are very difficult to arrange and coordinate between work schedules, truck drivers, etc. And in this case, this particular order might not happen–which was frustrating to me because we needed the ground beef. We ended up going with another local source for the beef instead because we simply needed it. What choice do you have, you know?

So, our CSA co-op is going wonderfully, but the one that works through wholesale dealers and volunteers…well…my mind isn’t made up yet. We shall see.

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