Organic Co-op/Buying Club Order #2

Admittedly, this post is a couple weeks overdue, and some of the items I purchased have already been, um, consumed, but…..

I wanted to document the latest order from our local organic co-op/buying club.

My initial order was:

-6 almond/coconut milk beverages

-1 package chlorine free feminine care products

-3 1.5 lb. bags of wild rice

-3 packages of organic Hollandaise mix

-6 cans of organic white kidney beans

However, I found out upon pickup that the almond/coconut milk drinks were no longer available (they would have been the best deal of any of the products), and only one of my bags of wild rice made it to the delivery.

In the ongoing “inventory” they have on hand, I did snag two small blocks of organic raw milk cheddar cheeses and a jar of organic salsa.

So, I ended up walking out with the two cheeses, six cans of organic white kidney beans, three packages of Hollandaise mix, the feminine care products, 1 bag of wild rice, and a jar of organic salsa for $36. I’m still not convinced that this is the best deal–honestly, I was gunning for the almond/coconut milk at $1.56 a pop, but backordered and discontinued stock is one of the negative aspects of a buying club.

I do have an order in this upcoming week for 8 lbs. of 100% grass fed, organic beef ($34) and 20 lbs. of organic sweet potatoes ($15), and I feel like both of these will end up proving to be worthwhile expenditures. I’ll document my progress for each of these this week, and whether or not the items arrive as indicated.


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