Make Your Own Fabric Softener!

There are seemingly hundreds of posts with this recipe on the internet, so maybe I’m just the last one on the block to try this, but…..

Today, I made my own fabric softener, and it is ridiculously easy. We’re talking “totally made in five minutes or less” kind of easy.

The ingredients:

6 cups of water

2 cups of hair conditioner (you can find this for a dollar at many big box stores if you choose a generic brand–and there are so many scent options available)

3 cups of white vinegar


Pour the ingredients in a large storage container of your choosing….



Then mix, and you’re done!


Now you have nearly a full gallon of fabric softener ready to use! We have Toasted Coconut and Vanilla scented softener for roughly $1.50. Can’t beat that! 😉

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