Our Path to Fitness: March Reflections

Maybe it’s the cold weather. Maybe it’s the snow days, and the frenzy of cooped-up kiddos. Maybe it’s just me. Either way, I haven’t been doing very well with my goals. Exercise? What’s that? Eat out tonight instead of cooking? Yes, please, get me out of this house!!

Yeah, it’s been kinda like that.

There have been some positive steps toward improving our fitness and overall health, though. It hasn’t all been total failure.

1) We found a way to purchase a (small) CSA this year, so we will have the added motivation of yummy, healthy food regularly coming into our home all summer long (and even for part of spring and fall). Last year, we had a CSA that consisted of weekly bags. Due to budget constraints, we opted to go to a different program where it operates via points (essentially, credit) where we get to pick out what we want, as often as we want it, and if we run out of points, we can purchase more or work for them. Instead of having to use a half share to feed a family of four, we can use the points to get enough of an item to feed all of us (though it will likely end up being fewer items than we would have received with a traditional share, but we shall see). We also have a goal of spending a budget of $10-15 a week at the farmers market, mainly to continue to encourage health eating, to get to know most of our community’s small farmers, and to see how far we can get the money to go. I tried to make it to a market at least once a week last year (I think I missed one week), and it was such a worthwhile goal. (And I plan on blogging about both regularly–the CSA and the market haul each week.)

Local goodies!

Local goodies!

2) I am notorious for putting off needed doctor’s appointments. However, between some issues relating to asthma and allergies, plus dealing with anxiety attacks due to some unanticipated stress (I’m prone to the attacks, anyway, and I unexpectedly lost employment…bad combination), I found myself in the doctor’s office last week asking for help. It’s not easy to walk into an office, confiding problems and struggles to someone you don’t know very well, but I will say, I am glad I did it. See, fitness isn’t just about a toned body and eating well. It’s also about tending to basic health needs, as well as taking care of yourself mentally, too. I’m sharing this in the hope that, if you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or a nagging health concern, that you find a provider or professional that you trust and work to get the help you need. Take that time and initiative for yourself.

As warmer weather approaches, I hope that the growing season and the sunshine will motivate me to exercise and to eat a healthier diet. I wish you luck in your goals this spring. Feel free to follow my Pinterest board relating to this blog series, as well. You can find it here. 

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