Our Path to Fitness: January Reflection

All in all, for the month of January, I haven’t accomplished many of my fitness goals.

I’ve eaten out far too many times, though I did make it a full week during the month without getting fast food or take out (I was really proud of that). I haven’t established an exercise routine yet between some health issues, weather conditions, and honestly, maybe a little bit of a lack of motivation (though dealing with stomach flu and asthma are fairly legitimate reasons to lack a desire to work out, I think).

I’m still opting to stick to my goal of eating out only once (on the weekend) or for events/travel/emergencies. And I don’t think that planning to exercise once a week is really unreasonable, and I think I would accomplish those goals with an accountability buddy (cough, cough, smile) and some dedication.

But also, I want to try to be more diligent in February when it comes to eating healthier, more wholesome, “real” foods, and also, I’d like to start really researching (and implementing/using) natural remedies for minor health complaints. When I had my stomach bug, I tried Pepto Bismol, which I hate taking because of the taste (I know they SAY it’s for nausea, but the taste of it MAKES me nauseous), and after I took the dose, my tongue turned dark black. Now, the company claims this is normal, but I’m not a big fan of watching body parts changing themselves into incorrect, unnatural colors, so it did make me think I might have been better served with using some ginger and mint to solve my tummy woes.

What are your fitness goals for the month of February?

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