Our Path to Fitness: Amended Goals and Reflection

Okay, accountability buddies, so I didn’t do very well when it comes to my goals last week. We ate take out during unplanned times, and I didn’t exercise once! I have been having some allergy/asthma issues, and plus, with starting a new job, I just pushed exercise out of my mind because I wasn’t feeling motivated. And the cold weather isn’t helping to encourage me to move, either.

So…here are my amended goals, and how I propose to fulfill them:

-Eat out this week on the weekend for a date night ONLY. I have a tempting menu plan in place and a cash-only budget in hand, which really helps to limit “impulse purchases,” including take out.

-I’d like to exercise ONCE this week, instead of twice. I don’t feel like, in theory, twice is too much, but right now, I am going to focus on just establishing the habit, even if it is a small step at a time.

Are you doing well with keeping up with your fitness goals in 2014, or are you struggling as I (always) am?

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