OUR PATH TO FITNESS: This Week’s Goals

I didn’t fulfill either goal this week–I ate out multiple times, and I never went out to exercise. Can I blame the holiday stress?

Right now, I am going to keep to the same goals, as I hope that I might actually accomplish them during one of these weeks, but I might tweak them a bit. I want to make a goal of not eating out unless we are out of town (I might be visiting my parents this weekend). I also want to exercise for 30 minutes two times this week (the same goal as before).

What are your fitness/health goals for the week, and how did you do last week?

One thought on “OUR PATH TO FITNESS: This Week’s Goals

  1. You can definitely blame the holiday stress but exercise also helps relieve stress 🙂 I hit the gym 4 times this week for over 30 minutes each. I kind of impressed myself with that since Thursday was Thanksgiving & the Y was closed. I also took an hour-long brisk walk on the beach today, which was way better than the treadmill! The best part of this week’s exercise was that I was able to do more running in my walk/run mix. I was doing about 10min walk warm-up with the next 10 minutes alternating 1min walk with 1min run (total of 5 min running) and a 10 min walk cool-down. This week, I was able to start running for longer stretches, first 2 minutes, then up to 4 minutes at a time for a total of 10 min of running per day. It may not seem like a lot but it’s a big step for me. Also, I’ve lost 4 pounds so far so I’m almost to my goal of losing 5 pounds by the end of the year. I hope this doesn’t come across as boasting but I’m super proud of myself 🙂

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