A Month of Gratitude, #29-30

I cannot believe that the month of November is nearly over already. I feel like I just started this goal of 30 gratitude postings only a couple days ago. On the one hand, you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief that they are over, and I’m a bit happy to go back to more normal postings, as well. But, this was a worthy goal, as it forced me, even during some rather crabby times, to reflect upon my blessings.

So……to finish out the month–

29) I am grateful that my little family does not cater to Black Friday, as we ended up having a wonderful time together relaxing as a family.

30) I am also grateful that we DO support Small Business Saturday. We were able to send our well-wishes to our local toy store (who is closing their doors after 11 years), who also supplied us with $35+ dollars of merchandise for $7.91, and we also went to our favorite, local, European inspired cafe for some dessert. Yum!




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