A Month of Gratitude, #27-28

Today I am grateful for:

27) The fact that I am able to spend the day cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, feast even, for my family, in a safe, warm house. There are others in the world who are nowhere near as blessed, and I know that I can never, ever comprehend what others must go through in different places and cultures. There is violence and bloodshed, malnutrition, horrific natural disasters, so many who are homeless–and I am in a cozy little country home making my family more food than we’ll likely eat in three days. It’s a humbling thought.

28) I am also grateful for my parents. I miss being with them on Thanksgiving, but it was nice to be able to spend an hour on the phone with them today. I just wish they were able to be with us, but we are indeed thinking of them today.

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