Teaser Photos From Our Grain Milling Course

I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in today’s self-sufficiency/frugal living class, sponsored by This Path Less Traveled, and cosponsored by Goodness Grows in Bedford, Pennsylvania. We had a wonderful time learning from Dawn Custer, owner of Goodness Grows, testing various types and models of grain mils, and playing with grains and styles of flour and cereals. Plus, Dawn treated us to homemade bread, tea, and coffee from her traditional farm kitchen. I can’t thank everyone enough for supporting both of us today.

If you were not able to attend, an online course will be posted within the next week. The online version of the class will be more technical–I will include write-ups on each of the mills we tried, what they can and cannot do, the group’s thoughts on each, a buyer’s guide (I will attempt to find the best price online for each mill), guide to various grains and uses for them, and a few other items.

Until then, here are some teaser photos from our event today. Again, thank you to everyone involved!














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