OUR PATH TO FITNESS: Week #2 Goals, and Week #1 Progress

So, I didn’t do very well with my first week of goals. I only exercised once out of my goal of two times a week (for 30 minutes each), and I ate out more than I care to admit (I was supposed to fast seven days from eating out). I hope you were able to do better than I was!

Some impediments toward achieving my goals:

-The weather has become drastically colder–seriously, there has been a drop of about 40 degrees since I went to walk earlier in the week.

-Eating out is comfort food, and also convenient, and it has been a been a busy, and highly stressful, week.

So, what are my goals for my second week of our program, accountability buddies?

1) Try to refrain from eating out for seven days–AGAIN. I am hoping that having lots of Thanksgiving leftovers will help keep me from going out to eat.

2) Exercise for a half hour twice a week.  (Surely, I can find some way to achieve this.)

3) Begin researching healthy and/or homemade alternatives for comfort food/eat out favorites.

What are your goals for the week?


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