A Month of Gratitude, #20-22

I am feeling grateful for many things this evening, so I am looking forward to writing this entry. Lately, it has been a bit of a chore to sit down and ponder what I am thankful for because, well, I suppose we all have our mopey, gray months, and November is one of mine, due to the weather change, the stress of the impending holidays, etc. However, I think it’s times like these when it is the most necessary to count our blessings because it helps to save us from drowning in our own self-pity and miseries.
So, tonight, I am grateful for:
20) The willingness of others to serve and assist me when I am in need of help. Whether it is my mother in law who constantly helps me with my children when I am overwhelmed or need a break, or my husband carrying in load upon load of groceries from the van to the house in the freezing rain without complaint, or our housekeeper who keeps her rates low and always does more than we ask of her–I am grateful for their generosity.
21) The clearance shelves in our grocery store’s organic/natural foods department. I am able to stockpile organic canned goods, healthy cereals and snacks, natural cleaners, and many other things we otherwise couldn’t afford, thanks to this little known area of my grocery store. It is important to me to try to feed my family higher quality foods, so I am grateful when, for example, I can find organic canned baked beans for 70 cents a can (and which now reside in my food storage).
22) The artwork my son brings home for me every day from Kindergarten. They provide warmth for my soul, and color to my refrigerator’s door. 🙂

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