A Month of Gratitude, #14-16

Today, I am grateful for many things.

14) I am grateful for unexpected kindness. Our local toy store is closing after 11 years of business. I seriously love small, hometown, toy stores. They always sell the most classic, durable toys, and often, a lot of them are also eco-friendly and responsibly manufactured, too–much better than you find at Target and Walmart. The owner was offering and giving small freebies or additional discounts to us, just “because I can,” as she put it. I hope to some day be self-sufficient and out of debt so I can enjoy the same abilities when I am older. It made my day.

15) I am grateful for my husband. I know that I said I would avoid the traditional gratitude posts, but to be honest, with my moods as wild as they have been lately, and for his ability to take poopy diapers and temper tantrums from the kids in stride, he deserves total recognition and praise. He puts up with a lot out of us.

16) I am thankful for the random warm days that Eastern autumns and winters provide for us once in a while. Being able to go out and enjoy a day with one of my closest friends was much appreciated, and even more so with there being a slightly warm lilt to the air.

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