A Month of Gratitude, #8-12

I am so behind on my Thanksgiving posts. Sometimes, the therapeutic posts need to come first before the “fun” ones.

What am I thankful for tonight?

8) A roof over my head and shelter. I know I said I would try to stray away from traditional items, but given what has been happening in the Philipines, one can’t help but be thankful for such a basic thing.

9) Movies and books that provide me the much needed escape from reality that I crave at times.

10) Candles. Sounds silly, but we have a lot of local candle makers who provide yummy scents that take my home from smelling like kids and animals, to possessing the sweet aroma of vanilla and cake (without the pesky baking).

11) Intelligent conversation. Sometimes, we need our ideas challenged and questioned.

12) Catharsis. The release that comes from either enjoying or creating a work of art or writing my thoughts is something I cannot live without.

What are you grateful for today?

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