Advice Needed for Sleep Issues

So much for canning apple pie filling this morning, as planned….

I used to have a sleep schedule that was roughly the following: wake up at 5:30-6:30am, stay busy until about 8pm or so (with the occasional nap in between), and asleep by 10:30pm, 11, tops.

I understand that having children and increasing age can affect your sleep rhythms/cycles tremendously, but my little ones generally sleep well enough, and yet, I’m becoming sleep deprived.

My current sleep schedule runs: wake up at 6am, get the Kindergarten son off to school, either go back to bed for a few hours or nap in the afternoon for a few, up until 1am-3am, then maybe 3-4 hours of sleep. Also, important to know is that I am napping and sleeping in BECAUSE of the late nights. They started first. I am usually quite tired at night, but I can’t get my mind and my body to get into “sleep” mode. I’m tired, mind you, but can’t get myself to wind down enough to sleep.

Advice? I actually have a local friend going through something similar. I am looking for natural, non prescription options, as I think it is prescriptions that might have got me into this in the first place. (I am currently on Zoloft, Advair, and was on Tussionex and Levaquin for an infection up until recently.)

2 thoughts on “Advice Needed for Sleep Issues

  1. Lavender reportedly promotes relaxation and sleep; I haven’t tried it-too many plant allergies. Sleepy Time tea from Celestial Seasons has helped me. Best of all for hubs and me has been learning through sleep studies we both have sleep apnea. No medication treatment, just a Continuous Positive Air Pressure. A small machine sits on our nightstands with a hose and mask that go on our faces. Sleep through the night, no daytime sleepiness.

  2. My naturopath recommended that I take 1/4 t. licorice root extract in the mornings to even out my circadian rhythms; I tend to be a night owl and have a hard time dragging out of bed in the morning. When we did testing, my cortisol levels came out “undetectable”… twice. (We checked to make sure the first time wasn’t a fluke.) It’s helped a lot.

    I also realized that I can’t have chocolate after 7 if I want to be in bed before 10. Plus, a new study says that computer monitors tend to have a ‘wake-up’ effect because of the light’s color resemblance to sunlight. Staying offline after 9:00 helps. (Although I’m obviously not doing that tonight!)

    I second the above comment on Sleepy Time – anything with chamomile helps. There’s a chamomile/lavender tea by Traditional Medicinals that’s great; I just make sure I steep it under a cover for five minutes to get all the essential oils or what-have-you out of the chamomile.

    This last is a LOL – I find that if I lie in bed thinking about everything I need to get done, I’ll never fall asleep. BUT – if I start trying to figure out what I’m going to WEAR the next day, balancing needs for comfort, functionality, modesty, and a modicum of fashion sense if it involves being out in public, (I hate shopping and I’m terrible with clothes), then I’m out like a light.

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