A Month of Gratitude, #4 and #5

I am planning on canning apple pie filling or apple slices (something with my surplus of apples, anyway, and I already have lots of applesauce), so I am not sure how easily I will be able to find the time to blog tomorrow. SO, I am going to take care of my fourth AND fifth days in my “month of gratitude” all in one entry.

I am grateful for two things:

I am grateful for small businesses. I am thankful for excellent customer service (it is so refreshing to hear a human voice on the other end of the line after the first ring), quality products, what they give back to their community and their customers, and that they carry items that are not easily found in big box stores. Plus, something I am noticing is that when I appeal to large companies to review their products or for a sponsored giveaway, the responses are not often in the positive, even though they have oodles of samples to give away. Yet, small companies are often more than eager to show off their homemade or “made in the U.S.A.” or natural products, and one company even sent me (yes, little me with few followers) a $500 product to review (a grain mill) later in the month–and to keep, too. I HATE Walmart with an unholy passion, and it is a blessing to have smaller businesses to support instead and to know that my money will be staying in the community when I do.

(Some goodies I will be reviewing soon.)





I am also grateful for friends–I know I said I would try to avoid “traditional” items in my gratitude list, but I am talking about friends that you can share anything with, the good and the bad and the ugly. In a conversation with one of these said friends, we were talking about how social media makes you want to belong to a large group, and that you often feel sad or dismayed if you feel like you don’t belong everywhere, yet, in reality, if you have one or two true friends you can share everything with, you are blessed beyond words. And I do have that, and I AM indeed blessed, and grateful for them.

(My dear friend gave me a present for no good reason today.)


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