A Month of Gratitude, #2

Today, I am grateful for photography.

As a child, I enjoyed being outdoors. A rainy day was a day of utter boredom. I was always significantly happier outside looking for unique leaves and flowers, strange bugs, puddles for splashing, swinging on my wooden and rope swing tied to a sugar maple whose trunk was covered in shining green ivy.

As I grew older, I started hating the outdoors. I didn’t want my hair to be wet from the rain, couldn’t stand the cold and the wind, hated snow with a passion (I actually am still not that fond of snow, admittedly). I enjoyed walks around campus while in college, but beyond that, I wanted the blankets and air conditioning that a roof over my head provided.

Now that I have children, I was forced outside more often. It was only until I started pursuing a simpler life did the outdoors become a haven for me again, a place to leave my troubles.

And it has been photography that has helped to teach me how to appreciate the little things again…a solitary autumn leaf, a golden country field, a friendly goat on a farm, a single flower. The need to immortalize these small things drives me to the outdoors time and time again and has helped reestablish my relationship with fresh air and open land. And for that, today, I am grateful for photography.









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