A Month of Gratitude, #1–Plus, A Very Special Announcement!!

It seems to be a blog and Facebook tradition to document one thing you are grateful for every day in November. Obviously, you know I am grateful for my family, friends, shelter, my health, and the traditional things most of us are thankful for every day of our lives. My gratitude for those items are beyond expression, and are really a given. I want to ponder the more unconventional things I have reason to be thankful for–the things we often take for granted.

And so begins the first thing I want to express gratitude for (although none of these items will be in any particular order). Today, I am grateful for wheat. Wheat is often called “the staff of life,” and it is a crucial part of so many things that we enjoy–breads, pastries, cereals, pastas–and even things you wouldn’t expect (did you know they can make doors out of wheat?). It is often abused (the nutritious parts of wheat are often removed during processing for store bought foods and flour), and as such, it gets a bad reputation for being unhealthy. Yet, there is growing evidence that some (not all) gluten sensitive individuals experience relief and can enjoy wheat based foods when they mill their own flour from fresh wheat.

We consider ourselves “preppers” on a small scale–we don’t believe in doomsday, but we do believe in emergencies such as extended power outages and blocked roadways (we experience both on a regular basis in the country), and also the inability to travel in inclement weather (we also are snowbound frequently). One of the things we store is wheat in buckets, and I have been extremely grateful of late to find a local source of non-GMO, organic white wheat for home milling.

(Excuse the poor photo…taken from my phone’s camera, but buckets of wheat such as this one are commonly seen in our home.)


Without this valuable grain, we would be without so many things that we enjoy, and so today, I am expressing my gratitude for this simple plant.

And this subject also leads to my special announcement–yay!!

On Saturday, November 23rd, at 10:00am, This Path Less Traveled (and yours truly) will be cohosting a class with Goodness Grows (an organic farm in Bedford, PA) on milling your own flour. This will be the first in what I am hoping will be monthly classes sponsored by this blog on self sufficiency skills. The class will be held at this picturesque, historic farm itself, outside of Bedford, Pennsylvania (5360 Bedford Valley Rd  Bedford, PA 15522). You will have the opportunity to try a few different types of grain mills (both electric and manual), and you will leave with a few pounds worth of flour of different varieties of grains to use in your Thanksgiving cooking and baking. Registration IS required either by email (laurashelton115@gmail.com) or by RSVPing on the event page, which will be located on This Path Less Traveled’s Facebook page. There will be a $5.00 fee per participant in order to cover the cost of the non GMO, organic grains you will be milling, and that fee will go directly to Goodness Grows to cover the material costs.

For those who are not local and cannot physically attend, class materials will be posted online so you can virtually participate in the class as much as is feasible.

Hope to see you at the class!


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