The Spendies

On Monday, I made a goal to “fast” from eating out for one whole week.

I made it until Friday.

I went to training at a new job that morning, and I was running late and skipped breakfast. Then after work, I had several errands to run. By 1:45pm, I was on the verge of hunger induced rage, and so I stopped at a local convenience store chain and bought some lunch and a drink.

And in theory, I thought things would be okay. It was only one meal, right? And I had been working all morning and had a huge list of errands, and I needed to eat just this once, so doesn’t that make it okay?

See, I noticed something. That “one time” eating out and the justification of it led to some results I hadn’t noticed before. Suddenly, I began justifying other things this weekend–those books the kids wanted at the discount store, the extra goodies at the local market, those eco-friendly dryer balls at the cloth diaper store, lunch with the kids today.

This is what I refer to in my life as “having the spendies.” It’s like having the munchies, but instead of indulging on Cheetos and soda pop, it’s a dollar here, and five dollars there to fulfill a craving.

I am realizing that this is perhaps my biggest financial vice. I get into these moods more often than I care to admit. And when money is tight, and we’re swimming in debt, there’s really only one conclusion to make: I have got to discover what my “triggers” are and how to control the impulse to nickle, dime, and justify.

Anyone else fall victim to “the spendies?” What do you do to keep them in check?

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