Making Every Day Special

I have a new goal/resolution for our family. In addition to budgeting and spending less unnecessary money (I’m severely lacking when it comes to those goals), I want to try to find some way to make every day special for my family. This doesn’t mean trips and presents and fancy dinners every single day. Maybe some days will hold such things, but even the little things can be turned into sweet memories to cherish. It’s a plan to appreciate the little things, to “stop and smell the roses,” so to speak, to enjoy my children while they are still so little and curious. Like with all of my goals, we will see how this goes….


One thought on “Making Every Day Special

  1. Excellent, Laura. Too bad that as “progress” happened those kind of things that were part of daily lives past have, for a large part, gone away. My kids are grown now, I did try to make this goal, not doing well many days. I wish you well.

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