My Two-Week “Challenge”

So, I’m going to get a bit personal here….

Money is tight right now, due to a few reasons (temporary ones, thank heaven). We’re in the hole right now; our checking account is overdrafted. And we’ll be in the black for a few days, and then back to red after that.

I am trying to remind myself this is temporary, that my husband is lucky enough to be employed, and that I will find a successful means of income (a part time job I had lined up didn’t work out). I’m trying to remember to be grateful.

But it can be hard, you know?

However, for YEARS, I have been working on a food storage via bulk buying, freezing, a CSA membership, etc. And my dear hubby also reminded me, “You have been preparing for this for years now…this is what you planned for and wanted to have ready.”

And that was a comfort to me, albeit a small one.

So, for two weeks, we will be tracking each and every penny, and spending our dollars very deliberately. We will be menu planning, budgeting our food and gasoline in CASH as not to spend more than allotted. We will be doing an inventory of our food, so we know what we have to work with, and what can be cut out of the grocery list. We will be examining wants vs. needs.

We will be repeating, over and over again, this is temporary, and this is not a trial–this is a challenge, and one we accepted years ago via preparations.

We can do it. We will learn from this, and we will use it as a means to start cracking down on our budgeting and spending habits.

I hope.

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