Our Cloth Diaper Stash

I have a bit of a voyeuristic side. I like seeing how other people live–I love seeing what is in another family’s fridge or how they organize their kitchen, etc. Does that make me weird? Don’t answer that….

I’m also really curious how other people organize their cloth diaper stash (if they are a CD family), and what they have and use, etc. So, I figured I’d go first.

This is my full stash, minus two diapers in the car, and two more in the mail…. I recycled an old toy organizer we had to use as my fluff shelving, and I have wet bags snapped onto the handles, but you can’t really see them.


This seemed like a popular print with the local WAHM cloth diaper store……


The first diapers we ever used were this print, called Grooviez.


All of our print diapers are “doubled,” meaning they have two inserts for our heavy wetter…but we keep our solid prints with single inserts, that way I know what has two inserts and what doesn’t.


An extra wet bag and flannel, homemade liners….


Our nighttime disposables…little gal just will NOT use cloth at night.


Inserts and liners….diaper rash cream tubes are buried underneath, to hide them from the toddler.


Isn’t this print fabulous?


All of our fluff consists of pocket diapers, except for this all in one and prefold/cover combo. I am getting a new brand of pocket diapers and prefold/cover combo in the mail, thanks to Tweedle Bugs, and will review them as soon as I get them. As a rule, I definitely prefer pocket diapers.


What is in your stash?


One thought on “Our Cloth Diaper Stash

  1. Wow! You sure like pocket diapers. Yours look so cute. We have about 20 pockets as well (which we don’t use as often) of various brands. We also have 24 Bummis prefolds + 1 homemade prefold, four large Motherease fitted diapers, and 13 Kushies AIO’s, a tot-bots easy-fit and I’m probably forgetting some…I would love to make a few homemade fitted diapers, but I’m afraid we have too many diapers already.

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