The Kids’ First Bike Ride, and a Recipe for Crescent Tarts

Yesterday, my children went out for their first bike ride. We took them up to the parking lot of the local middle school–my five year old on his new bike (was a Christmas present), and my toddler on her “new” (used) tricycle.

It didn’t quite go as planned. My son kept insisting that his bike pedals were broken, when in reality, it was user error, and my little girl felt it was more fun to push her trike than to actually ride it. But, one positive–they both loved their helmets. The baby didn’t want to take hers off until bedtime!

Here are some pics from our evening, and below them, I’m posting a recipe for tarts made out of crescent roll dough (another adventure from yesterday).




Crescent Roll Tarts

On Pinterest, I saw this recipe (originally using Nutella), and I amended it to accommodate different fillings, as you will see below.

You will need:

-two rolls of crescent roll dough (with 8 crescents in each)

-cinnamon and sugar, mixed together for dipping

-desired filling (we used Nutella for half of them, and raspberries and cream cheese for the others)

Preheat oven to package directions. Prepare baking sheet according to package also. Unroll each crescent. Place a small spoonful of Nutella in the center of the unrolled crescent, or a spoonful of any other desired filling. For example, we used cubed cream cheese and a quart of raspberries in one batch (the raspberries were sweetened with a half cup sugar prior to use).

Roll up each crescent until the filling is covered, and a small tart is formed. Dip tart in cinnamon sugar mixture. Bake according to package instructions.

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