Strawberry Fields Forever

Today, the kidlets and I (along with my mom in law) ventured to a local farm to pick some strawberries. We had planned this for weeks, and it would either rain, or something would conflict with our schedule. Now that the season is nearly over, the berries are a little bit worse for wear, but we managed to find six pounds worth in about a half hour. And they will be perfect for fruit leather, which is in the dehydrator as I type!

A tip for you bargain hunters–if you love berries, see if a local farm has a pick your own option. The farm we visited today sells quarts of strawberries that they pick for $4.50 a quart, and each quart is roughly 1.5 pounds. Whereas, if you pick your own, at this farm, it is $1.35 a pound. So, for $4.50, you can get 3.3 pounds, or over twice as much.

Plus, I will promise you, when the breeze floats by, it smells heavenly–it has a lilting fragrance of berry sweetness. It is DIVINE.





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