One of My Fave Summer Treats–Tomato Sandwiches

If you’re looking for something fancy and/or pretty, you’ve come to the wrong place. One of my very favorite summer yummies is so super simple and easy–a tomato sandwich.

I have very specific requirements, which I will set forth for you now…. šŸ™‚

Find two slices of good bread. Don’t wimp out on me here with Wonder Bread or some other balloon bread. Potato bread is my personal favorite, but sourdough, a hearty wheat, Italian–they are all good. You can feel free to lightly toast the bread if you wish. That’s up to you.

Now, cut a couple slices of a HOMEGROWN tomato. This is essential. Don’t use one from Walmart or the grocery store. It’s bland and just isn’t the same. Find a local farm, a friend with a garden, or, better yet, your own backyard if you’re set up for it. Place these on one slice of the bread.



One the tops of the tomato slices, sprinkle just a hint of granulated white sugar.


On the other slice of bread, spread mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip, unless you really hate mayo), and then on top of the spread, add a dash of coarse black pepper.


You can feel free to add lettuce and bacon if you want to make a BLT, but quite honestly, I prefer the simplicity of this sandwich without. The lettuce seems unnecessary to me, and bacon can be a pain when you only want a couple slices, and there’s the grease (and the microwavable precooked stuff tastes like paper dipped in bacon fat).

Really, the joy of this sandwich is how easy it is and how few ingredients it takes. I like it as is, sans the B & L. Enjoy!



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