Take Two Quarts of Locally Grown Strawberries….


Cut off the tops of one quart, and cut off the tops and slice the other quart worth of berries.



Put the whole berries (without tops) into a blender. Set aside the quart worth of sliced berries for later.


Add agave nectar (or honey, or even granulated sugar) to the berries in the blender. Do this to your preferred taste. Then, blend until smooth.


Spread onto dehydrator trays prepared with lightly greased fruit leather liners.




Now, on the extra dehydrator trays…time to add those sliced strawberries we mentioned earlier…….




My dehydrator does not have a temp control. 150 degrees is typical for most, as a good setting for drying leathers and berries. Process in dehydrator for 6-8 hours until leather is not sticky, yet pliable, and sliced berries are a chewy texture. Roll and wrap leathers in plastic and store in airtight container. Same with the sliced berries–airtight container, too. Should last for a month, but let’s be honest, will they make it longer than a couple days? šŸ˜‰


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