Deal of the Day

I apologize for the lack of regular posts. I haven’t been feeling the best, so finding time to blog has been difficult.

Along those lines, look for discussions on natural remedies, as well as the usual updates on our CSA share, within the next few days.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I like posting deals I find that are related to products or things pertaining to the mission of this blog–self reliance.

Last year, I had the opportunity to attend a Mother Earth News Fair. Mother Earth News is a magazine devoted to all things homesteading, natural, and eco-friendly. They have been the authority on such issues for over forty years. And for some time now, they have been hosting yearly fairs with dozens upon dozens of vendors and seminars devoted to obtaining a more self-reliant lifestyle.

These fairs are traditionally held in Pennsylvania and Washington state (the one in Washington just happened last week, actually), but they added one in Kansas this year for those in the midwest.

If you’re interested in attending what is such an enriching, inspiring event, check out You can find info on speakers and workshops at your local fair.

A friend asked about the ticket cost, and admittedly, they offer great prices off and on at a discount before the event. However, if money is an issue, I found out you can volunteer to help and receive a free weekend pass and free food.

For more info:

575476_10151597451922010_1908193077_n(Photo from Mother Earth News’ Facebook page, available for sharing.)

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