CSA Share Week #3, and the Weekly Trip to the Farmer’s Market


In today’s CSA share, we have kale, cilantro, beets, goat’s milk yogurt, a yummy mix of salad greens, garlic, and paneer cheese, plus a wild iris, just because.

For $9.50, at the market, I bought a half dozen eggs from free range chickens, an extra bunch of kale, a bundle of asparagus (I found a vendor who sells the most amazing asparagus), and a quart of strawberries (homemade ice cream, anyone?).

I’m so grateful we took the CSA plunge this year, and that it is making it necessary for me to go to the farmer’s market every week. Having high quality produce is enabling us to eat a healthier diet and affording us the chance to try new foods and recipes (see previous entry on a delicious pesto couscous salad). Plus, the cost savings is wonderful–it would cost a lot more money to buy these items in the grocery store, and they just don’t taste as good if they aren’t locally grown.


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