An Honest Review of Kale


Kale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, if you’re into health and nutrition, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about leafy green kale and all of its health benefits. Green veggies are loaded with good stuff, and I’m sure no one would debate that, and kale is no exception. Kale is also loaded with lots of iron, and that appeals to me for the energy boost which I seem to so desperately need these days.

I had never intentionally tried kale before–in the sense that I never said, gee, I think I’ll purchase/eat some kale today. I know it has been in salads and such that I have tried, but I’ve never had kale in its own right.

Luckily, that’s one of the beautiful things about a CSA–it’s chock full of new fruits and veggies to try (and other foods). So, armed with some kale, some other tasty ingredients, and my rockin’ new blender (I found a 1 HP Omega on sale), I decided to throw some kale into a smoothie for my son and I to try.

I admit, I was a bit nervous. I used the kale in our traditional peanut butter and banana smoothie recipe (in a previous entry). As I added it, my little boy voiced complaint. And when we poured out the smoothie, it reminded me a bit of the appearance of broccoli cheddar soup (I only added two leaves of kale).

However, beside adding some texture and a bit of tang, it’s really NOT bad. The blender did a great job mixing the kale into the rest of the smoothie so it blended into the other ingredients perfectly. My son is happily drinking it without any whining. And I like the fact that I can throw in some extra iron to start a day of wrangling kiddos as I battle my latest sinus infection (I need all the help I can get today). I also love that I can add some leafy green veggies into my picky eater’s diet, knowing that he’ll get the added vitamins and minerals he needs for his day, too.

So, kale, you might have a convert–we’ll see. I’m feeling open minded, and far less nervous about green smoothies than I was before this morning.


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