CSA Share, Week #2, Plus, It’s the First Week of the Farmers’ Market!

The kiddos and I went to the farmers’ market today to pick up our second weekly CSA share, and to peruse the early season offerings. The first day of the market always makes me feel like it is Christmas. The produce always becomes much more abundant later in the season, but these early days bring gorgeous bouquets, sweet little pots of herbs, strawberries, long and fragrant onions, and one of my favorites–chewy and wonderful asparagus.

Today, our CSA share consists of kale, goat’s milk yogurt, turnip greens, chives, salad greens, garlic (edible tops and all!), and pea shoots. In addition to that, for a measly $7.00, I bought a dozen farm-fresh eggs from free-range chickens, and a bundle each of asparagus and onions.

I’m looking forward to trying kale in smoothies (also, my new blender arrived today–squee!), and Dawn at Goodness Grows says that pea shoots taste just like the peas themselves…mmmmm……. And homemade yogurt? It will be good eating here at our house!

(Excuse the extra stuff on our cluttered table, like the soy milk and clay pot, and of course, excuse the toddler hand and legs. She kept trying to steal the onions. ❤ )

DSC_0312 DSC_0316


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