Adding to the Windowsill Herb Garden

So, in addition to my hanging basket of strawberries, and the little pots of oregano and thyme upon my windowsill, I have purchased two more small pots–one of parsley, and one of chives. I’m hoping I’m not getting too far ahead of myself, but I just love the idea of having fresh herbs handy in my kitchen. And they taste so fresh and yummy when I sample them. I’m a big believer in herbs and spices in cooking–I love doctoring my food–and when I tasted the thyme and oregano yesterday at the farm, I mean, how can that even remotely compare with dried, ages old, store bought and bottled spices?

We’ll see whether they survive transplanting, and my black thumb. But, it’s safe to say that I’m definitely intrigued with growing my own produce–and when I can’t, or the idea seems daunting, there are always local farms to visit!

Oregano growing in a field

Oregano growing in a field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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