Growing a Green Thumb

It is a known fact that I am not a naturally born gardener. I’m a total black thumb. I’m great with animals–okay, I’m acceptable with animals–but I just cannot keep plants alive. They intimidate me greatly. There’s planting, and worrying about the weather, and weeding, and maintaining with food, water, and sun, and worrying about soil quality, and everything else. It is so daunting!

My friend Brandi and I were going to take an herb gardening class this morning, but plans changed, and we both had babysitters and extra time, so, in addition to some bulk and discount food shopping, we went to Goodness Grows (the farm where I have my CSA, as I’ve mentioned before) to try to find a couple plants that we could bring home.

We both left with hanging baskets of strawberries, and I also brought home two little pots of herbs–one of citrus thyme and the other of Greek oregano–which I will transplant into something more permanent later.  Both herbs taste divine (I’ve already sampled), and there was one little strawberry already ripened in my basket (also sampled).

We talked with Dawn, the owner of Goodness Grows, about her operation (and other things related to farming, gardening, sustainable living/eating, etc), and she mentioned that she has nine acres of vegetables and plants to weed and maintain. I blurted out, “Well, these three pots of mine will be my nine acres.” Sometimes, I don’t think it’s about the abundance of what we do, nor the bounty of our harvest, or the success, but rather, that we try. I’m actually, to be honest, scared to take on this endeavor, but if I don’t try, then what happens? I’d rather try to grow a green thumb than to live with a black one.

And if all else fails, I’ll get to have a few of these…..


Strawberry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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