Last Day of Pre-K

Today was my son’s last day of pre-K. I don’t think he quite understands what is going on, or that he won’t be coming back, but believe me, his mommy does. I watched faculty members (of older classes) wishing him goodbyes and telling him how much they will miss his personality and traits. I saw another pre-K teacher (not even his) hug him and seem truly sad to see him leave. And I was so touched by how much they care, and have cared, for him throughout the last year. I’m so sad on two counts–one, that he’s growing up so fast (it seems like his first day was only yesterday), and two, that he will be leaving behind educators who have been such a wonderful part of his (and my) life.

I am sharing a letter that his teacher wrote to him today. I want to type it and journal it so he remembers it always.

Dear —–,

I have loved having you as a part of our preschool classroom this year. Over the years, I have created my own words to describe the types of children I have in my classroom. You, dear —, are a “sparkly kid.” “Sparkly kids” are those who make my days “glitter” even more by being outgoing, humorous, and lively. You have a way of making me smile and laugh every single day, and for that, I am tremendously grateful. You have made my year so much more fun by having you in my class. I loved all of the stories that you told in circle time, and I’m sorry that (your little sister) won’t stop pooping on the floor. 😦 haha

I hope that you will always continue to be a good friend to your peers. They love being around you. Remember to be a good big brother. (Your little sis) will look to you as an example, so always try to be a good boy. Give hugs. Take chances. Love your family. Go for walks. Lie in the grass and look at the stars. Make wishes and dream big dreams. Most of all, never forget how much I love you.

(His teacher enclosed a pic of him looking out of a playhouse window with a dreamy grin.) I took this picture of you when you were playing with the girls in the princess house. They thought you were the prince! I hope that you will keep this picture and that over the years, it will be a reminder of the fun we had together this year. I will never forget you.

Much love,

Miss Lorie

When I saw that letter, I just felt tears coming into my eyes. I was so grateful for the love that others have for my children. I’ve always felt that, no matter what difficulties we may sometimes have, that my son has always had a way of bringing laughter and smiles to others’ faces. Even when he was a baby, he took so much joy in making others happy. He was constantly trying to make everyone laugh. And it proves to me how much his teacher cared for him to notice these things about him. I’m also grateful for the wonderful teachers that are out there, doing a job that can often be thankless and demanding, who love these (and my) children as their own. There will always be exceptions, but I am so very thankful that my son was shown such love and individual care as he started his academic journey. I’ve been so humbled by the love that his teacher and other faculty members, even his principal, have shown him. I am constantly being told how happy he is and how he makes their day with his little sayings and stories.

Every kid should be so blessed.


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