CSA Share, Week One

Excuse the awkward photo positioning–still learning WordPress and all its tricks, and the photo quality is poor because I took it with the cell phone camera instead of the dSLR.

Today’s conundrum–what is an appropriate adjective for the taste of a radish? The best my mother in law and I have come up with is “zing.” šŸ™‚



One of the things that I would like to do with this blog is to show you what we receive in our CSA each week so you’ll get a rough idea of what to expect when and if you take the plunge to find one yourself. (Every CSA is different, so what I receive from my farm and in my region will differ from someone in, say, California.)

This week’s share is a lighter one, as it is early in the season (the shares become abundantly ample later in the summer). Included are lilacs, a mixture of herbs to make some tea, radishes, asparagus, eggs, goat’s milk feta, and goat’s milk soap, plus a hefty bag of various salad greens. Might I add how ecstatic I am to have the asparagus? I just love the stuff, and it’s not something I commonly buy or use. That’s one of the main reasons I wanted a CSA–to expand my cooking repertoire a bit. (If I find a yummy asparagus recipe, I’ll pass it along.)


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