The Beginning….

It has always been a dream of mine to have a successful blog–ever since high school, in fact. The fact that I love books, and I have my Master’s in English Literature has not helped to curb the writing bug at all. The unfortunate problem with this dream is that it seems every other soul in America wants to do the same thing.

However, my dream will never be accomplished unless I try, so here we are.

I’ve written blogs before, about family, things, life, whatnot. But, I’ve always wanted to create a place that will help feed my soul, and others as well. I want a place where readers can come to learn a new skill, to become more self-reliant, to work toward a more sustainable lifestyle, to know that they are not alone in the pursuit to conquer debt (one of our family’s biggest struggles), that it is just fine to be a slacker mom. Essentially, this is a place for you to come if you want to move away from the rat-race, sit down, relish the traditional, share in trials and defeats, and to know that you can accomplish your goals, that we can take this path less traveled together… It’s not easy to say, you know, enough with the materialism the television and media throw at my family, enough with the parenting wars, enough with feeling like we have to keep up with everyone else. But, I know that, if we do it together, we will achieve it.

So, I welcome you to follow my family and me on our journey toward a more sustainable, less materialistic, more traditional lifestyle.

And who am I, you’re asking?

I’m a 30-something wife of an engineer, mother of two children (a son and daughter, ages five and nearly two, respectively). I’m a bookworm, a fledgling “prepper,” food storage addict, part-time cloth diapering mama, now former English professor, who is trying to find solace in going back to traditional roots and hoping to be able to break away from total reliance on the consumer world. (Trust me, I love to shop, but want to rely less upon it.) I’m a master bargain huntress, champion of the clearance sale, bulk shopping/warehouse store, and thrift store markets. (I’ll share some of these tricks with you along our journey.)

My hope for this website is to archive my progress (and inevitable failures) as I learn how to do things from scratch, my parenting experiences, our hope to one day remove debt from our lives, to share tips about everything from cloth diapering to mastering clearance sales to navigating Sam’s Club and Costco to sharing recipes, etc, etc. In the near future, I will add space for those who are interested in booking me for tutoring and proofreading help, and for those wanting me to teach classes on bulk buying, bargain hunting, and stockpiling.

So, like the poet Robert Frost before me, I’m taking the path less traveled, and I hope you’ll stay with me and take the trip along with my family.

2 thoughts on “The Beginning….

  1. I’m feeling the same way. I’ve always been attracted to simpler, more natural lifestyles, and the more I read and learn the more I’m convinced that we should try to adopt some of those ways. Your writing is lovely and I can’t wait to read more. 🙂

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