Supernanny, You’re Fired!

Just put my twenty two month old toddler in her first (and second) time out. She wouldn’t stop throwing Cheerios, and when I asked her to clean up, she fought me. After the first time out, I followed the television’s Supernanny’s advice and explained to her that she did something wrong, and what it was.

Her response?


She then went over, picked up the Cheerios, and then gleefully threw them in my face. (Hence, the second time out.) THIS IS NOT GOING WELL.

Any advice on first time discipline with a toddler? I know she knows what she should be doing. And, for whatever reason, I’ve forgotten what I tried with her older brother (he was a handful–call it repressed memory…we tried it all, and even called the specialists with him…he’s a wonderful child, but struggles with his emotions).


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