After Years of Pleading….

After hearing my husband and mother-in-law beg me for years to start organizing bills and important papers, I actually sat down with a folder bin and cute floral file folders and began organizing one of about, oh, 100 piles of papers strewn all over open spaces in our house. This project will take DAYS, if not a month, but I keep telling myself that it will help us get a better picture of our financial situation (goodbye, debt!) and will make it easier to find vital paperwork in times of chaos.


One thought on “After Years of Pleading….

  1. I felt your pain many years ago as it pertains to organizing. I finally committed to using something called “The Paper Tiger” and it simply changed my life. I actually sold the product for about two years before simpy using it for myself. It allowed me (or my wife) to find any file within 5 seconds or less. I am also able to throw out documents when no longer needed, etc. I have been on top of my bills and have managed to put our family in a much better financial situation because of that simple decision. I used something we called the FAT system….file it, act on it (pay it, make a call, etc, or toss it. I often took care of mail right next to the trash can. It kept clutter to a minimum. As someone who just started blogging, I found some of the posts you read to be also very helpful.

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